Disposable Surface Mask

  • KN95 Head band Style Face Mask DTC3M-F P1

KN95 Head Band Style Face Mask DTC3M-F P1

·       Filters at least 80% of airborne particles. 

·       Headband design style.

·       Ultrasonic welding technology, glue-free and odorless.



Detail about this product

• It has 5-layered filter technology to support and protect you throughout the day.

• Its center-stitching with folding design leaves room between mouth and mask so you can easily breathe. 

• It has an elastic ear loop design to make it comfortable to wear and it is sized to fit the majority of people.

• It is specifically designed and made for in-house, outdoor, and professional usage.

Further information 

Our high-quality KN95 mask provides 5 layered protections to filter out debris, dust, and air-born viruses and diseases. Our mask facilitates comfortable and easy breathing keeping you safe from Covid 19 and other dust particles. It has a soft and comfortable design that never feels heavy on your face and ears. Its elastic ear loops help the mask to fit your face perfectly. 

Cone Mask --- Model No. BOX CTN Dimension GW / NW
Basic type DTC3M-F   FFP1 NR 10 20 62*29*32 4.5/3.5