• DTCA1 N99 FFP2 glue-free and odorless Face Mask

DTCA1 N99 FFP2 Glue-free And Odorless Face Mask

·       Wider edge design improves comfort.

·       Super soft comfortable face seal

·       Filters at least 99% of airborne particles. No resistant to oil.

·       Headband design style.

·       Arc-ends design of nose clip, avoid scratching the face, safer to wear

·       Ultrasonic welding technology, glue-free and odorless.




Improved Design and Comfort

Our product is manufactured to filter out 95% of all dust particles airborne diseases. It comes with a custom theme fabric which also can be changed upon customer’s demand and order. The fabric is super soft on your face making it comfortable to wear for a long period of time without getting irritated. We have made this product glue-free and a good suppressant of odors. This product is not only comfortable but also easy to breath in. It does not hold moisture when you exhale.

Customizable Fabric and Theme

You can easily keep any type of theme on your face mask fabric from solid colors to your favorite anime characters and fun-looking patterns. Our premium quality facemasks come with the 5-layer system in which the outmost layer is made from non-woven fabric which is designed specially to filter out large particles of dust and debris and the first layer of woven fabric is manufactured from soft skin-friendly material so you can have a comfortable experience. Its elastic band is also made from soft and comfortable elastic materials making it easy for you to wear it. 

Adjustable Seal for Maximum Protection

It provides top and bottom metal strips for a secure fit. It also comes with an anti-fog flap which helps in minimizing fogging to the eyewear for clear visibility. It is 100% latex and fiberglass-free. We believe comfort and protection should not come at a higher cost everyone deserves these luxuries for a better society and environment.  


Cone Mask --- Model No. BOX CTN Dimension GW / NW
Luxury type DTCA1  N99 10 20 69.5*31*40 6/5