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Premium Respirator Masks With Exhale Valve

In response towards the growing cases of covid-19 patients, Guniubei Biotechnology has made N99 personal facemasks for better protection from the virus. It comes with an exclusive exhale valve that allows one to breathe easily and stay cool along with a comfortable and durable shell that resists collapsing in heat and humidity weather conditions. We are here to make people's lives much easier by providing them with premium quality facemasks that can be used for casual and professional use. We are the global N99 facemask wholesalers we only manufacture the best facemasks.

Easy To Fit And A Comfortable Wear  

Its comfortable and sturdy shell provides protection for the filter so it remains cleaner for a long duration of time even under dusty and windy weather conditions.  We have added a soft cushion towards the nose area to keep your nose comfortable so you can easily wear this mask for a long time without getting tired. Our N99 facemasks comes with an elastic easy to adjust straps making it easier to fit on any face type and size.

Higher level of protection

It is not only designed to protect you from air-borne diseases but it can also be used against welded fumes a toxic carbon fumes that is hazardous to your health if inhale for long period of time. It gives a better filter efficiency of 99% more for non-oil oil-based particles. Our N99 facemask can be used in extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a perfect product for your daily life.

Guniubei Biotechnology Is The Name In Which People Trust

Guniubei Biotechnology Co. Ltd is of the leading wholesaler of N99 facemasks in the global market. We are known for making some of the finest quality facemasks and other medical products. We have engineered our products in such a way that it provides comfort and filter durability for a long duration. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and inquire from us.