AS/NZS Standard Respiratory Protection Standards

Guniubei Biotechnology offers Australian and New Zealand standard respiratory facemasks. These standards are necessary if you are working in Australian or New Zealand workplace. They come with some of the best comforting features, a seamless headband, and a flexible adjustable nose clip for easy fitting. Its Exhalation valve is designed in a way that it does not restrict airflow, making it easier for you to breathe clean and carbon-free air. Our respiratory facemask comes with a classical cup shape design, making it easier to wear at any place.

Reliable Protection Against Outdoor Hazardous Environment

They are one of the bestselling facemasks we offer, consisting of all the safety features that protect you from air-borne diseases and viruses. It can be worn for both casual and professional use. Its filter is mainly designed to filter out all the hazardous carbon and Sulphur molecules for you to breathe, but it can also be used to protect against Covid -19. An active layer of carbon that is intentionally added into the filter helps remove unwanted and dangerous odours. We have tested our facemasks with the dolomite dust test, and it passes it with relative ease. Our facemasks offer remarkable breathability even under heavy dust areas.

Why You Should Consider Buying From Us

 Being one of the top leading manufacturers of the global market Guniubei Biotechnology delivers only the best and reliable quality face protection masks all over the world. We only use the purest form of raw materials when it comes to manufacturing our facemask. We never disappoint our customers when it comes to the quality of our premium quality AS/NZS standard respiratory protection facemasks. The most important part is that we supply all our products worldwide at affordable wholesale prices, making us one of the best wholesalers in the global market.