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A Guide to Choose the Perfect Face Mask

Before the COVID19 Pandemic stormed the world, we used to associate masks with paramedic staff only. But it all changed after the spread of highly contagious coronavirus, making a face mask a mandatory standard of procedure. Now, face masks have become a part of our day-to-day life, and not wearing one makes you feel uncomfortable as if something significant is missing from your apparel. Thus, it suffices to say; facemasks have become a new normal. If you are a healthcare worker and spend more than half of your day in the field, it should be your routine to have a face mask on to prevent any contact with the harmful particles. It's vital that follow all the guidelines that come with the masks to ensure that it is fully effective in avoiding any contact with the harmful particles and germs. Disposable face masks are of different types and materials as they serve various purposes. The commonly found are surgical face masks that most people use to protect them from inhaling respiratory droplets. But apart from the latter, there are masks made up of fabric like cotton and linen. Such masks are well suited for people who are allergic to surgical face masks. For providing you a better idea, we have enlisted below a list of disposable face masks types that you can export at wholesale prices from disposable face mask exporters.  1) Bandana Face Masks A bandana is a triangular piece of cloth that can be worn around the neck or face to cover your mouth. Bandanas can be disposed of after multiple uses, but you can wash them regularly after use if you do not want to dump them.  2) Cloth face masks Cloth face masks are used all around the world due to their soft skin touch. These masks have particle filters stitched in them for germ protection. They are washable, but it is better not to use them for a prolonged period because the filter's effectiveness lessens after multiple uses. 3) Disposable surgical masks At this point, you must be well accustomed to the blue and green surgical masks used by paramedics and the public alike. These masks are made up of polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester— all of which are types of fabrics derived from thermoplastic polymers.  4) N95 and KN95 face masks  N95 and KN95 are considered the most effective disposable face masks against covid. Both of them contain an active particle filter that filters 95% of the air you breathe in. Therefore, they offer you maximum protection against germs.  Demand for Face Mask Exporters  After the covid19 Pandemic, the demand for masks increased beyond what one could think. Face masks are the primary shield against coronavirus; therefore, the manufacturing industries started producing masks in bulk and sold them at wholesale prices. Being the economic giant and most affected by the coronavirus, mask suppliers in China increased the production of disposable face masks. Due to the best quality of face masks, the demand for China-manufactured masks increased, and the disposable face mask companies circles took charge in their hands and continue to export all around the world. 

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