How China Become the Leading Face Mask Exporter

How China Become the Leading Face Mask Exporter

China was always on the top of the biggest leading mass exporter and manufacturer of so many products when it comes to mass export. China has been the crown of the world's biggest export country since 2013. According to a report on Investopedia, China alone exported goods worth $2.641 trillion in 2019.

Face masks are one of the most crucial essential in the medical world. Before the Coronavirus, people occasionally used face masks for a specific reason, but things changed after the Covid-19, and face masks have become a must for each person.

The Covid-19 and pandemic cause a massive spike in face mask production. China is the only country that can produce face masks, and China face mask exporter makes face masks for the entire world under tremendous pressure and emergencies.

40 Face Masks for Each Person in The World

Yes, you read it right. Only China can produce and export these many faces mask. According to a report, Last year, at the start of Covid-19, China manufactured 40 masks for each person globally, which means 40 times 7.8 billion. China manufactures 224 billion marks in the first six months of the pandemic.

Many experts and leaders from other countries highly appreciate China's massive support during Covid-19. China is still exporting many face masks, protective suits, protective gloves, face shields, ventilators, and other pharmaceutical products to the world.

In a press interview, the general director of China's foreign affairs says that it's not easy to fulfill the requirement of medical goods for the entire world during this pandemic situation. Even China is struggling to manage itself during Coronavirus.

China is producing a big chunk of world-consuming products, and when we talk about face mask production, China is sitting on the throne. It won't be wrong if we state China as a King of face mask production. This opens new and excellent opportunities for Asian sellers and buyers and many Chinese companies exporting face masks and other pharmaceutical goods worldwide.

How China Beat Its Biggest Competitors?

When it comes to China's biggest competitors, USA and UK are the most significant rival for China in every aspect. Similar to face mask production, China faced many challenges at the start of Covid-19. Still, sadly the USA or any other China competitors couldn't make it near China when it comes to massive face mask export and production.

China's most significant plus point is vast raw materials and extremely low labor even in the pandemic. According to a report of Business Standard, China almost shutdowns the USA face mask production and reduced around 90% of the output from the last year.

So, how did China Beat USA and other countries in face mask manufacturing? Simply by reducing the price of face masks and offering a meager price. 

According to the US Chief Revenue Officer, "Selling the mask for less than a penny is not possible."

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