Expensive Vs Cheap Facemasks Which One Is Better

Expensive Vs Cheap Facemasks Which One Is Better

Face Masks: A New Normal 

Facemasks have become a new normal post-covid19 Pandemic. They have become an essential part of daily apparel. Although it’s been more than one year since the pandemic struck us, it is still around as people continue to catch the virus. The number of causalities has indeed been curbed post vaccinations, yet the continuous growth of different mutants and versions of SARS coronavirus continues to send shivers down peoples’ spines. The alarming rate of mutating and spreading with new and advanced symptoms makes it even more challenging to deal with. Midst the entire chaos, only facemasks continue to be the best means of protection from contradicting the virus. As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure; it is accurate keeping in view the current pandemic. In the latter case, wearing facemasks indoor and outdoor settings is our only safe abode; therefore, by no means can their quality be compromised. 

Record-Breaking Sales 

Face masks business witnessed a massive surge during the peak time of covid, and it was probably the only business industry besides the medical equipment supplying industry that was thriving. In contrast, when other economies were experiencing significant financial blows, the face mask business made record-breaking sales worldwide. Face masks manufacturers cashed the pandemic by all means by being a goose that lays golden eggs. 

People wanted to own facemasks in bulk because of prevailing uncertainty. For instance, ordinary masks were sold at rates ten times higher than the actual rates. China was the epicentre of SARS coronavirus, so all eyes were glued on them to devise a treatment, but they did not have any resolutions like the rest of us. To cope with that, China enhanced face masks production and initiated a free supply of masks worldwide as a gesture of help; hence, China face mask was being used worldwide.  

Expensive Vs. Cheap Masks

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When choosing masks, one should always opt for the best ones because it is your safety that’s at stake and that cannot be compromised. There is no point in wearing a mask that is made of poor material and offers no protection. Wearing such masks can have disastrous impacts. Choosing cheaper facemasks is similar to going on a suicide mission, but we have deadly viruses against us instead of guns. There is no harm in spending some extra amount on a good and durable mask if it will guarantee 99% protection against the virus. The question is, is it worth catching the virus and jeopardizing your health for the sake of few extra bucks? Certainly not!

Post-Vaccinated World

In the post-vaccinated world, facemasks are still used, and companies continue to make many sales. The reason being, that researchers are still studying the virus’s ability to mutate and change its forms and defences against the vaccine. Therefore, facemasks are still in the market. All the more types keep coming with distinct features employing different kinds of fabrics and filters to ensure maximum protection coupled with a touch of fashion since fashion industries wanted to make them exciting and appealing to people. This article will discuss some commonly sold facemasks in the market known for their excellent features and affordable rates. 


FFP1 NR masks are made from a clothing fabric. These masks consist of double fabric layers for protection. A PE sheet is sandwiched between the layers, which works as a filter. As far as the degree of filtration is concerned, these masks filter 80% of air-borne particles. Besides filtration, these are also known for their fancy and attractive fabric designs. For instance, colourful clothing materials are used to provide the wow factor. These masks are available in headband design styles, so you can tie them behind your ears. The ties used are made up of good quality elastic to ensure proper fitting. 

An arc-shaped nose clip is stitched within the mask, providing that the mask fits well as per the face contouring. The clip is made up of flexible copper wire, so it is comfortable around the nose, and it can be molded as per need. FFP1 NR masks do not cause face scratching as they are made up of soft fabric; hence, they are safe to wear. For exhalation, there is an exhalation valve. These facemasks are suitable for people who spend more time outside. 


FFP2 NR masks have similar features to FFP2 NR. These masks are designed like hairbands, as they consist of elastic straps for tying at the back. As far as filtration is concerned, FFP2 NR offers 80% air-borne particle filtration. For ensuring nose grip, there is an arc-shaped copper wire stitched within the mask. The purpose of the clip is to adjust the position of the masks on the face. In addition, these masks consist of a double layer of fabric for added protection. It is ensured that the material used should be breathable and odorless, so the wearer does not feel shortness of breath. FFP2 NR masks are commonly used in the welding industry to prevent workers from inhaling fumes. 

KN95 Virus Mask

KN95 masks are an advanced type of anti-virus protection masks that filter 95% air-borne particles. The reason is that the material used in these masks has a higher ability to catch particles. For instance, the commonly used material includes PP Nonwoven + Melt blown + Hot Air Nonwoven. The shell life of KN95 masks ranges from 2-3 years. It consists of 4 ply ear loop elastics for better tightening. These masks are strictly used for anti-virus protection. However, K95 masks are often confused for N95. Although both masks are similar in properties and composition, the only difference is that N95 masks are the US standards for respirator masks; KN95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks. Other minor differences between these two masks include that KN95 has to undergo many fit tests, unlike N95. As far as breathability is concerned, KN95 facemasks have strong breathability standards. 

DAC4-F With Carbon Valve 

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DAC4-F is a type of KN95 mask. They filter 94% of air-borne particles, hence high filtration capacity. These masks are made up of loaded Polypropylene, which is known for its high particle-catching properties. It is a viable option for people struggling with masks-related allergies or breathing difficulty because Polypropylene is non-toxic. Besides, it is not accredited with any possibility of irritation. Polypropylene also provides comfort to the wearer. DAC4-F masks consist of an adjustable nose piece that helps fix the mask on the nose, making it feasible for different face sizes. The filtration system of these masks is extraordinary because it consists of a silicon valve equipped to resist dust and air pollutants. The size of the respirator used in these masks is suitable for ordinary people. These masks are ideal for people who wear spectacles as they are breathable, so air does not stay in the mask, preventing fog situations. Lastly, as far as the odor is concerned, these masks consist of carbon which prevents smell, and the presence of an exhalation valve makes them highly breathable. 


DTC3B is a type of N95 mask approved by the CDC. It is known for its softer material which explains its increasing sales. It is comfortable to wear. They provide dependable respirator protection for users, including public and health care workers. People sensitive to different smells do not have to stress anymore because these masks are odorless. It is important to note that the DTC3B mask is a registered medical N95 mask approved by CDC and NOSH. There are invisible nose clips that are used for adjustment purposes. Besides, there are different types available based on face sizes. For extra comfort, these masks consist of soft nose foam. Their round and flat shapes make them easy to carry and store. Most importantly, DTC3B masks are available with a detachable respirator, which can be cleaned from time to time.


DTC3Z is a type of N95 mask. It filters 95% of air borne particles. It is shaped like willow and is available in standard white color. It is manufactured to be highly breathable and comfortable to wear. Besides, it fits nicely on the face to offer maximum protection. Its headband-like design, consisting of ear straps that are softer and highly elastic, can be tied behind ears and adjusted according to the facial size. Its design is user-friendly as it contains enough space between mouth and nose to allow maximum breathing. About the latter fact, the material of these masks provides heat and moisture to escape quickly, thereby making breathing easy and reduce fogging. The bacterial filtration of these masks is closer to 99%. These masks are well suited to be worn daily since they protect against sand, pollens, and air pollutants. These masks are CDC-approved for surgical use. Due to this reason, these masks offer triple-layer protection and full-face protection. DTC3Z N95 masks have ultrasonic sealing covering all four sides to prevent virus penetration from all sides. These masks consist of three layers for extra safety, where the middle layer is hydrophilic, offering excellent absorption capacity and softness on the skin.