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Anhui Guniubei Biotechnology Co. Ltd is a top-most enterprise of professional wholesale disposable Face mask exporter China that specialize in manufacturing, import, export, and sales, under the brand name GUNIUBEI. We take pride in being a well-recognized firm worldwide. With years of experience, we are able to produce some of the best disposable face masks that are able to protect you from 99% of all air-borne diseases and dust particles especially in the case of Covid 19. We have made our disposable masks with soft and breathable materials which will give you a sense of comfort and relaxation while wearing it for a long period of time.


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Jan 12,2022

Corona Has Decided to Stay with Us

Our lives were just perfect; we thought nothing could go wrong anymore; that's exactly when a deadly virus decided to invade into our peaceful lives and turn it completely upside down. The world kind of stopped, and each human faced losses; some lost their jobs, some lost their money, some lost their loved ones. Loss became an integral part of our lives, and it seemed like the world can't go back to normal again where humans could freely walk on streets and never have to worry about catching a virus. Even the simplest of things like breathing fresh air were snatched from humans, and since then, its deprivation hasn't ended. Times did change; vaccines were invented, humans saw the hope of life again, but then again, with new variants of the virus coming in, even the vaccine stopped working against them, and now, in 2022, we are again on the verge of a global pandemic. However, the last time when this virus came to set up a global pandemic condition, we were not aware of it, but this time we have enough knowledge to deal with it and stop the pandemic from happening again. Thus, how about we start doing the following things to build up a peaceful environment where the virus and humans can co-exist.   • First things first, vaccination is a must; if you haven't got the vaccine yet, then you are contributing to the development of the pandemic situation. God only helps those who help themselves; therefore, even if you are still not taking the vaccine after all that has happened in these two years, we insist you get it for the sake of your loved ones.   • The very common misconception about the corona vaccine has been that if someone is vaccinated, then he or she won't catch the virus. That's not how vaccines work, you must have gotten the flu vaccine when you were a kid, but still, every year, you catch flu, right? Vaccines are only designed to build up the immunity in your body required to fight the virus. Even if you are vaccinated, you still have to take all the precautions seriously; otherwise, you are going to get the virus.   • We all know what to do for precaution against the coronavirus but let us remind it all to you in case you have forgotten any. Wear a mask all the time; if you are feeling any symptoms, then wear it in your house too. It doesn't cost a fortune for face masks, so stop making excuses; even if you are one of those people that can't afford face masks, then get it from any disposable face mask supplier as they have them at the lowest prices. Then comes the use of sanitizer; keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time so that when you use your hands for eating or doing stuff that requires your hands to be touched to your face or someone else's face, then use a sanitizer before anything else.

Jan 5,2022

Why Face Masks are used in hospitals

Face masks are almost always used in an emergency setting. They can be worn to connect the nostril hair and hooks of breathing instrument on the face, or they might be a part of securing respiratory mask over the nose or inhalation apparatus underneath eyeglasses. They're applied immediately after collapse into a deep coma/unconsciousness (also called 'flat-lined,' confused awake' status) when there's neither regular respiration nor cardiovascular response present. High-quality face masks are also used often in surgical procedure rooms to provide an oxygen mask or a rolling respirator all through bypass surgery. Some emergencies such as heart attacks need the application of these air purifier tools over eyesight that may be life-exchanging. There is no necessity to wear hand-gloving devices when it might temper down blood pressure and more quickly stop use from protecting against additional punctures. Facemasks Used in Hospitals  Facemasks are sometimes applied by nurses, health care workers and other medical personnel to patients in order to protect them from airborne pathogens or polluted air. Many hospitals reserve facemask use between 8am and 4pm when infection control policies restrict the adverse effects of inclement weather on patient safety. How N95 Face Masks Were Made The first early manufactured facemasks produced for consumers or patients of covid 19 virus was the N95 face mask designed to automatically seal out dust and bacteria from the air that passed through its nose flaps. This type of respirator usually comes in a disposable form, but it's still sold commercially today because many people who deal with agriculture say they use it all year round. Those who work in industries with little ventilation, including second-hand perfume shops, may also require facemasks year around. The best-selling N95 respirators provide users with the best protection from air-borne diseases, and as a result, people all over the world are now buying N95 facemasks because of their premium quality and dust and air-borne virus conditions like covid 19 protection. The N95 face masks aim to protect people from air-borne hazards without any effort.

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Why Shop from the China Disposable Face Mask Exporter?

We, as the top-tier wholesale disposable face mask exporter China give you all the best reasons to shop from us. We offer our clients the supreme quality of disposable face masks that are effective against the harmful droplets found in your surroundings. Our facemask is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to fit all faces and its elastic ear loop is made in such a way that it will not cause irritation or discomfort.  

Guniubei, is a corporate of expert wholesale face mask exporter, that designs the face masks by keeping in mind the day-to-day usage of people and offers 4 layers of filter made from non-woven material so it won’t become uncomfortable to wear or breathe after using it for a long period of time.  

Benefits of the Disposable Face Masks

The disposable face masks made by the wholesale disposable Face mask exporter china have the following benefits to serve you.

1. These are comfortable to wear because of their adjustable fit

2. They filter out up to 80% of airborne particles so you could feel safe and protected. 

3. It is breathable and suitable to wear for a long period of time.

4. It blocks the droplets, so you don’t contract any deadly diseases or viruses.

Your Safety Is Our Greatest Concern

We care about our customers that’s why we always thoroughly test our products because our customer’s safety is our top priority.  We have designed this product for the use of both normal and medical use made from micro filter melt-blown cloth along with adjustable nose clip, it can be worn on all sets of occasions especially in the most common work environments.