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Anhui Guniubei Biotechnology Co. Ltd is a top-most enterprise of professional wholesale disposable Face mask exporter China that specialize in manufacturing, import, export, and sales, under the brand name GUNIUBEI. We take pride in being a well-recognized firm worldwide. With years of experience, we are able to produce some of the best disposable face masks that are able to protect you from 99% of all air-borne diseases and dust particles especially in the case of Covid 19. We have made our disposable masks with soft and breathable materials which will give you a sense of comfort and relaxation while wearing it for a long period of time.


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Nov 29,2021

How China Become the Leading Face Mask Exporter

China was always on the top of the biggest leading mass exporter and manufacturer of so many products when it comes to mass export. China has been the crown of the world's biggest export country since 2013. According to a report on Investopedia, China alone exported goods worth $2.641 trillion in 2019. Face masks are one of the most crucial essential in the medical world. Before the Coronavirus, people occasionally used face masks for a specific reason, but things changed after the Covid-19, and face masks have become a must for each person. The Covid-19 and pandemic cause a massive spike in face mask production. China is the only country that can produce face masks, and China face mask exporter makes face masks for the entire world under tremendous pressure and emergencies. 40 Face Masks for Each Person in The World Yes, you read it right. Only China can produce and export these many faces mask. According to a report, Last year, at the start of Covid-19, China manufactured 40 masks for each person globally, which means 40 times 7.8 billion. China manufactures 224 billion marks in the first six months of the pandemic. Many experts and leaders from other countries highly appreciate China's massive support during Covid-19. China is still exporting many face masks, protective suits, protective gloves, face shields, ventilators, and other pharmaceutical products to the world. In a press interview, the general director of China's foreign affairs says that it's not easy to fulfill the requirement of medical goods for the entire world during this pandemic situation. Even China is struggling to manage itself during Coronavirus. China is producing a big chunk of world-consuming products, and when we talk about face mask production, China is sitting on the throne. It won't be wrong if we state China as a King of face mask production. This opens new and excellent opportunities for Asian sellers and buyers and many Chinese companies exporting face masks and other pharmaceutical goods worldwide. How China Beat Its Biggest Competitors? When it comes to China's biggest competitors, USA and UK are the most significant rival for China in every aspect. Similar to face mask production, China faced many challenges at the start of Covid-19. Still, sadly the USA or any other China competitors couldn't make it near China when it comes to massive face mask export and production. China's most significant plus point is vast raw materials and extremely low labor even in the pandemic. According to a report of Business Standard, China almost shutdowns the USA face mask production and reduced around 90% of the output from the last year. So, how did China Beat USA and other countries in face mask manufacturing? Simply by reducing the price of face masks and offering a meager price.  According to the US Chief Revenue Officer, "Selling the mask for less than a penny is not possible." Check out our hot sell products Surface mask

Oct 21,2021

Properties of a disposable face mask

The use of disposable face masks by the common public during the time of corona has been an everyday topic of debate. Despite making all the corona precautions clear to the common public through every medium. Despite creating all the necessary awareness among the common public, most people still think that wearing a face mask is only compulsory for health professionals and not for the common public. Therefore, for people who question the need to wear a face mask now, it has become necessary to explain the need for it to them in depth. If one looks at the properties of a disposable face mask, the need to wear it will become crystal clear, and all the questions will be answered. The properties of a disposable face mask include: Differential Pressure The differential pressure indicates how easy it is to breathe through something. The differential pressure of a disposable face mask has been set so as to make it easy for the wearer to breathe through it easily without compromising on safety. The face masks from China exporters are the most common disposable face masks around the world. They are believed to have the right number of pressure differential for breathability.  Liquid Penetration The coronavirus primarily transmits through droplets of any contaminated person or any potential carrier. Therefore, a disposable face mask is designed so it cannot and will not allow any liquid penetration through it. So, if someone sneezes on you but you are wearing a face mask, and that person is also wearing a face mask, then there are very low chances of you getting the virus. It helps to reduce your exposure to the virus as much as possible.   Filtration As the coronavirus can be caught very easily, a face mask needs to act as a barrier. Although a face mask does help restrict many things from getting into our bodies, we still need to breathe through it. Thus, it has to provide filtered air to us so we can breathe easily without worrying about getting the virus. The filtration ability of a disposable face mask is between 83 to 92 percent which is more than enough for maximum protection against the virus. This concludes that if you look closely at the physical properties of a disposable face mask, then you would become sure about why everyone has been creating awareness among people for the need to wear a face mask. You don’t just want to wear a face mask; you need to wear a face mask for your safety. For more interesting blogs like this Click Here

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We, as the top-tier wholesale disposable face mask exporter China give you all the best reasons to shop from us. We offer our clients the supreme quality of disposable face masks that are effective against the harmful droplets found in your surroundings. Our facemask is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to fit all faces and its elastic ear loop is made in such a way that it will not cause irritation or discomfort.  

Guniubei, is a corporate of expert wholesale face mask exporter, that designs the face masks by keeping in mind the day-to-day usage of people and offers 4 layers of filter made from non-woven material so it won’t become uncomfortable to wear or breathe after using it for a long period of time.  

Benefits of the Disposable Face Masks

The disposable face masks made by the wholesale disposable Face mask exporter china have the following benefits to serve you.

1. These are comfortable to wear because of their adjustable fit

2. They filter out up to 80% of airborne particles so you could feel safe and protected. 

3. It is breathable and suitable to wear for a long period of time.

4. It blocks the droplets, so you don’t contract any deadly diseases or viruses.

Your Safety Is Our Greatest Concern

We care about our customers that’s why we always thoroughly test our products because our customer’s safety is our top priority.  We have designed this product for the use of both normal and medical use made from micro filter melt-blown cloth along with adjustable nose clip, it can be worn on all sets of occasions especially in the most common work environments.